The application process

Even there are slight differences between the various airlines; the application process is running about the same way.

Pre check

This service will be offered from the agency side, we will ask for the following papers from the applicant

CV  Curriculum Vitae
Copy of the active license
Copy of the active medical
Copy of the valid passport

With these documents we are doing a rough check with the Airline and with CAAC if the pilot would be accepted


Beside the above-mentioned documents we do need the following papers from the pilot

  1. Valid Medical
  2. Valid ICAO level (at least 4)
  3. Copy of valid passport
  4. Resume
  5. Flight hours confirmation
  6. Last 5 pages of the logbook with the latest active flight
  7. Last Proficiency check on the required aircraft
  8. No accident or incident report from the previous company (here there is a request for some special wording)
  9. Letters of recommendation (if available)
  10. Passport pictures

Paper check

With this documents the airline start to work and if they are satisfied with all the papers the candidate will be invited for the first screening to China. For this travel the pilot get an invitation letter from the airline for the Visa application

First screening

The place for this screening is depending on the airline but the following items might be checked in a sometimes-different sequence. The time requirement will be about 1 week.

  1. CAAC ATPL theory test
  2. CAAC Medical check
  3. Company simulator screening

Completion of paperwork by the Airline.

This could take several weeks, thereafter the pilot will be invited for the

Second screening

This part consists mainly if the CAAC simulator check ride combined with some paperwork at the airline base. The time requirement is 5 – 7 days


If everything was running smooth the pilot will be invited to the airlines headquarter for finishing some more paperwork. At the same time he will start with the different required ground courses. The average time until released is captain is rather different and varies between 1 and 6 month´s


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