The interview guide

This is sometimes a very important part as you have just a short time for introducing yourself so,

  • Be prepared
  • Be yourself

Take all your application papers and documents with you, keep them in a properly looking document folder and be ready to handover the required paper in a short time. Take the original logbook with you.

Other documents in the folder

  1. Valid Medical
  2. Valid ICAO level (at least 4)
  3. Copy of valid passport
  4. Resume
  5. Flight hours confirmation
  6. Last 5 pages of the logbook with the latest active flight
  7. Last Proficiency check on the required aircraft
  8. No accident or incident report from the previous company (here there is a request for some special wording)
  9. Letters of recommendation (if available)
  10. Passport pictures (could be needed)

Take your glasses with you and be dressed according local requirements (a tie is a must in Asia and don´t forget to shine your shoes).

Take as well a pen with you and some paper in your document folder. Try to figure out the name and the rank of the interviewing person before so you can address him sometimes by rank and name. Speak slowly and in a well pronounced manner to make sure you are fully understood.

Some interview topics:

  1. Flight control laws
  2. Memory items
  3. Items after landing (spoiler, reverse, autobrake-logic)
  4. Protections
  5. Landing technique (start with the stabilized approach)
  6. Warning/Advisory level
  7. Alpha floor / TOGA lock / thrust lock
  8. Stall recovery

Don´t expect much feedback from the interviewer, you will get this information later.


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