The CAAC Medical preparation guide

This is as well an important part but it is not necessary to overdo physical preparations. Some light endurance sports 2-3 times a week and a healthy lifestyle / diet is beneficial, however it is neither required to be ascetic nor necessary to start an Olympic career for the echocardiographic exercise.

You can do a blood test at home and check all the relevant items in the “Medical check items” list

2-3 days before the Medical:

Stop consuming alcohol, salted and spicy fatty foods and make sure you drink a lot of water in order to produce good blood test results-

1 day before:

Do not consume any food or liquid after 22:00 loc time before the medical test

Test day:

Bring your passport, passport pictures, a pen, your glasses (the prescription as well) and some snacks and drinks with you.

You usually start with the blood and urine test (latest till 10:00 loc time) and thereafter you should do the ultrasonic of the lower part of your body including stomach and kidneys. At this time they scan as well the carotid artery. Thereafter you are allowed to consume your food (confirm with our agent)

In case you are a very fit endurance athlete with an outstanding physical condition make sure to STOP training in time to make sure your pulse rate is not too low.

The different steps for the initial CAAC Medical:

  1. Start the administration paperwork and get the paper with the required check-items (room numbers)
  2. Blood test
  3. Urine test
  4. Ultrasonic of the lower part of your body including stomach, kidneys and carotid artery

    --------------food and drink possibility

  5. Ophthalmologist                      eyes
  6. Otolaryngologist                      ear
  7. Internal doctor                         general examination including blood-pressure
  8. Cardiologist                             ECG Electro CardioGram
  9. Lungs x ray
  10. Treadmill check
  11. EEC                                          electroencephalographic check
  12. MR check of your head            will be done usually in the evening or the next day



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