Working Abroad

Working a broad is a serious decision in one's life and career. The pilots must consider a lot before accepting a job abroad? They need assistance in how to act while working for a foreign company? How can they ensure the best possible conditions far away from home?

The first and most important item to consider is whether you are psychologically prepared to relocate. This includes the separation with the family issue, but also the cultural factor. For instance, living in China with the existing enormous cultural differences requires a certain level of adaption and as well discretion. Sometimes, pilots are being left with a “Take it or leave it” option. As example, some of the local Chinese carriers have still very strict penalty systems, which may easily diminish all pilot’s bonuses.

If you are capable of accepting the traditions of other nations then you are already a half way to an international career. If the pilot has done the decision to relocate and work abroad, he should always pay attention to the working and living conditions, provided by the employer. Beside this the relocation to Asia may frighten off as well some of the pilots due to different climate or sanitary conditions.

At the same time, moving, particularly anywhere outside of Shanghai or Beijing is akin to moving to another planet. Suddenly just going to a grocery store or the bank becomes а breath-taking adventure. The ability to balance these two worlds is unique to China.

It doesn´t matter if you are a perfect pilot or not, you are sure to get fired should you demonstrate an improper behaviour either at work or outside the cockpit. The language barrier remains one of the most significant challenges for expats in China and may imply extra stress at the beginning, and you are ought to ensure that you will be able to express yourself and understand others with no limitations


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